I'm a software engineer with a decade of commercial experience writing applications for Windows, Linux and the web. I have predominantly worked on web projects based on the Microsoft .NET technology stack, however, I also have broad range of experience in other languages and technologies. Throughout my career I have often had the opportunity to consult directly with end-users of the applications and know how crucial user experience design is to the long-term success of a product or project.

Recently I have found a strong passion for purely functional programming. This has led me to be interested in the theoretical aspects of computer science and prompted me to enrol part-time in a Graduate Diploma of Computing at the ANU, where I intend to continue on to a Masters of Computing and attain a major in Computational Foundations. I have a strong belief that purely functional programming, where we are explicit about the side-effects and invariants in our code, can help reduce the bugs in our software.



OpenSimple (from July 2013)

Owner (self-employed)

OpenSimple operates as a consulting company with client work focused on building web applications using the Microsoft .NET technology stack.

Australian Building Codes Board (July 2012 - July 2013)

Software Developer (EL1)


Notable Projects:

VSoft Technologies (2006 - June 2012)

Senior Software Developer


Notable Projects:


Graduate Diploma of Computing (Enrolled part-time)

Current grade point average: 7.0/7.0

Australian National University

Online Course (Verified): From Nand to Tetris (Completed 2015)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Coursera

Introduction to Functional Programming (Completed 2014)


Sitecore Foundations & .NET Developer Course (Completed 2012)

Diploma of Information Technology (Network Engineering) (Completed 2005)

Riverina Tafe Campus - Wagga Wagga

Higher School Certificate (Completed 2003)

Wagga Wagga High School


YOW! Lambda Jam 2015 (May 2015)

Personal Projects


A library for writing web applications in Haskell. I wrote this library while learning Haskell, it is quite simple, however I have found it to be an excellent way of writing RESTful web services in Haskell.


Cards is a personal knowledge base system that currently supports writing notes in MarkDown with LaTeX support for mathematical notation. It has been a side-project that I've been working on while studying which I use to record lecture/study notes. It's implemented as a single page web application using the Aurelia web framework and connects to a RESTful web service written in Haskell.


Ben Hughes - Senior Software Engineer

Paul is one of the most talented software engineers I've worked with in my 12 years in the industry. He is thorough, passionate and can view problems at multiple levels of abstraction.

What sets Paul apart from most developers though is his ability to produce simple solutions to complex problems. He has an enviable intuition for seeing when and how a solution can be simplified, and the tenacity and skill to see it through. This simplicity makes his code and the systems he designs remarkably easy to understand.

Although he is often the smartest person in the room, Paul is always humble, willing to learn and willing to teach. Despite his technical skill, he is very pragmatic and never loses sight of the broader purpose of his work.

If you would like any further information, please contact Paul for my contact details.

Additional references available upon request